• The idea of community living will perhaps benefit seafarer the most. Being at the receiving end for most of his career and life, trying to balance the family and profession, the best peace of mind a seafarer can get is that his dear ones are living safely, securely among his own fellow seafarer. No one else but seafarer can understand the problems and challenges a mariner face during his sailing career as well as post sailing times. The place of his own, surrounded by the people of his own will make a huge difference in the quality of every Mariner’s life especially when you are just 15 minutes away from an airport and can see your dear ones immediately after getting back home or can stay with them till the last moment of you leaving for a ship. Add this to a pre joining medical Centre, trainings, pick up and drop from the compound and Oceanica will be a truly community living keeping only “Seafarer at its Heart”.

  • The home is a biggest investment a seafarer makes in his lifetime. On our journey to various ranks till top, we understand that the exit from sea is only possible if one has made a sensible investment for his home in good times. As they say in real estate, if we miss the bus, we never know when the next one is.
    Oceanica is conceptualized purely keeping Mariners in mind for both as an investment model and a dream home. Sub cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Thane, Powai, Nerul are full of seafarers who took the decisions of being the part of development at the right time. With the time, the prices soared and seafarers, despite of increasing incomes, were pushed to the outer and farther from the city centers. In today’s time, we see the Mariner’s planning their homes in indirapuram, Greater Noida, Bhiwadi or even further away from Delhi. This became a typical example of Missing the Bus especially for our fellow colleagues who looked the other way while their pals were sweating it out doing the site visits for their homes in the rough terrains during their vacations. Most of these rough site visits have become the luxurious, prestigious and envious addresses now, making their owners proud members of respected societies.
    Any good location in Gurgaon, Noida will cost you around 10000+ Rs per square feet and Delhi is just out of pocket for most of us. Greater Noida and Bhiwadi are costing in the range of 4000 Rs. per square feet and we all know that only reason we buy in these areas is either because we are scared of missing another bus or wants to make an investment.
    Oceanica and Delhi’s L zone is a perfect example of Arriving Bus. The bus which none of us can afford to miss, the bus which can make our lives extremely comfortable, the bus which can help us quit the sea once we plan to do so, the bus which will make our family life safe & secure. The Price of Oceanica apartment is perhaps lower than most of the Greater Noida apartments and needless to say, its carries the prestigious address of Delhi, the National Capital.
    The payment plan of Oceanica is such that fellow seafarers will not feel any kind of burden on their pockets. Once the initial amount is paid, the construction payments can wait for approx. an year. That provides a great breathing space to mariners and they can pursue their routine sailing ventures, without extending their contracts just for the payments of their dream home.

  • Following colleagues have already joined us in our journey to create a true community living and we thank them all for being our trusted Partners (List is only till Sept 2014)

    1. Capt.Jayesh Khattar
    2. Capt. Prashant Bist
    3. Capt. Rahul Srivasatava
    4. Capt Pankaj Yadav ( V Ships)
    5. Vivek Namdeo / Ch Off
    6. Mr Rahul Raghav / 2/E
    7. Mr Chandrashekhar Pandey / 2/e
    8. Mr Anant Panicker / 2/O
    9. Capt Akshay Yadav
    10. Capt D.P. Singh
    11. Capt Amit Yadav
    12. Bhupinder Pal Singh ( Ch Eng)
    13. Mr Deep Bisla ( Spdt )
    14. Capt Vaibhav Yadav
    15. Capt Anand Shukla
    16. Mr Nitin Goel
    17. Mr Rajesh Sangwan ( Ch Eng)
    18. Capt P. Rajan
    19. Capt Sivakumar
    20. Capt Manish Pandey
    21. Capt Prateek Singh
    22. Capt Sanjay Kumar
    23. Capt Vikas Malhotra
    24. Mr Arvind Ghosal
    25. Mr Vikrant Singh
    26. Mr Anoop Singh
    27. Capt A. Khanna
    28. Capt Neeraj Sharma
    29. Mr Aman Bisht
    30. Mr Gulshan Saini ( 2/E)
    31. Mr Gaurav Gupta ( 2/O )
    32. Mr Harjinder Singh ( 2/O)
    33. Mr Nitesh Miglani ( 3/O)
    34. Capt Digvijay Rathi
    35. Capt Sukhwinder Singh
    36. Vivek Nandal ( 3/E)
    37. Capt Ankit Sharma
    38. Mr Anubhav Rana ( Ch Eng)
    39. Capt Khushjeet Virk
    40. Mr ashwani Tripathi ( 2/E)
    41. Capt Lakhbir Singh Brar
    42. Mr Gautam Pradhan (3/O)
    43. Mr Pawan Goyal ( 3/E)
    44. Mr Aadesh Singla ( 2/O)
    45. Capt Sameer Singh
    46. Capt Dilbaag Seth
    47. Mr Kuldip Manchanda ( C/E)
    48. Mr Ranchand Malik ( e/O)
    49. Mr Kailash Ramnik ( 3/O)
    50. Capt Vineet Chaudhary
    51. Capt Rakesh Singh
    52. Mr Trilok Singh ( Ch Eng)
    52. Mr Narender Gill (C/E)
    53. Mr Ankit Gehlot ( e/O)
    54. Mr Kulwinder Singh(C/E)
    55. Mr Rohan Balian ( c/O)
    56. Mr Naresh Kathuria ( c/O)
    57. Capt Kewal Mehta
    58. Capt Harinder Sangwan
    59. Capt Bhupinder Singh
    60. Mr Rohan Kaushal ( C/O)
    61. Mr Deepender Kumar ( 3/E)